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Latest information

Four brand new designs in the Mali ya Mwana brand have been released. The names which are available are as follows;



1.  MOYO  BADO  UKO  KWAKO  My heart is still with you

2.  SULUHISHO  LA  KOSA  NI  MSAMAHA  The solution to a mistake is forgiveness

3.  SI GOGO  SI  SHINA  MATAWI  NDIO  FITINA  Out of the whole group, you are the one creating problems

4.  U  PEKEE  MOYONI  MWANGU  You are the only one in my heart 



Kikoys, especially the shuka micha and khitambhi type are now available. These are used by the Kenyan coastal comunities for their occasions and functions. Kikoy's in brand new colours now available. Proud to be a Kenyan kikoy also available. The popular java mswala kitenge design is also back. Available in more than ten colours. Embroidered kikoy shirts also available in different sizes. Mardoof (sail cloth) avaiable in 29", 33" and 66". A multi purpose heavy duty material for sail making and furnishing. We also have big sized eco friendly bags made of textile material for durability.



Add a bit of colour to your life. Mali Ya Abdulla khanga's can be converted into curtains, car seat covers, table cloths' and into many more items.Try it to brighten up your surroundings.

Our products

  A feature of all modern human societies is wearing of trendy clothing, a category encompassing a wide variety of materials and designs. Perhaps the most colourful, elegant, versatile, vocal and romantic of all these clothing are a pair of ‘khangas’, more commonly known as the ‘lesos’ There is no exaggeration in saying that for a long time this elegant pair of garments has had a magical spell on the women of East and Central  Africa.

Kaderdina Hajee Essak Ltd. stocks a variety of clothing materials and products. A few of the products available have quite a history behind them. Some of them have been in use for  hundreds of years.

The most famous is the "Mali Ya Abdulla" lesso line. It is available in various designs, colours and different slogams or 'msemos.'  Another range of khangas available is the "Mali Ya Mwana' line. This is a very recent development to cater for the various market segments.

 There is a huge variety of kikoy's available. Traditionally used to as a body wrap, these days it has become fashionable to use the kikoy for other means. Handbags, wallets, bedspreads, lampshades, caps, sandals and many other items are made from kikoy. At Kaderdina Hajee Essak Ltd,  at any given time, there are more than 100 colours available in kikoy. You will be be dazzled by the many vibrant colours available.

Mardoof or tanga which is also available, has quite a history behind it. Mardoof is a heavy cloth material used in making sail cloth for the dhows and canoes. This material has been in use for hundreds of years. Dhows still ply the seas using sails manufactured with mardoof. Due to the heaviness of the material, it is also used to make curtains and othe furnishing products.

Kaniki and bafta are also other traditional materials which can be found at Kaderdina Hajee Essak Ltd. The Kenyan Coastal communities use kaniki for their traditional occasions. There are 3 colours available in kaniki. Each colour signifies different customary practices.

Also available are sarongs or pareos as they are commonly known in Kenya. Other products are curtain material, marikani, bedsheet material, printed grass mats and kitenges.


What is in store

Next week there will be 3 new designs available on Monday the 22nd of January. Kindly make your order not later than the 20th of January. Orders are subjected to availability. The names are as below;

1.  105579 – URAFIKI  WETU  HUWACHOMA  WATU  Our friendship makes other quite jealous 

2.  105580 – BILA  KUVUMILIA  ITAKUSHINDA  DUNIA  You have to bear hardships in this world to survive 

3.  105622 – MKE  MWEMA  PAMBO  LA  NYUMBA  A lady with goodness in her makes her home a better place 






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Mob: +254 727 600544 / 735 600544

Latest News

Our Location

Our physical location is on Biashara Street, popularly known as "Bara Bara ya lesso." Ask any one on this street for " Abdulla Lesso," as we are popularly known and members of the public will gladly show you where it is located.
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